Reaching a world without poverty

By impacting Social enterprises

The problem

There is a lack of access to patient capital for impact and Social Enterprises (SEs) in the space of poverty eradication. Coupled with this challenge, is a further inability for stakeholders to authentically track the use of funds on the actual impact deployed by the SEs on the lives of the producers and the actual improvements in the communities.

767 million people live below the international poverty line of $1.90 a day. There is a need for systems change approach to poverty while tackling UNSDGs.

A wave of young SEs have risen to tackle these challenges and they need access to markets, capital to grow and impact their communities. In ASEAN, IFC data shows $900 billion to $1.1 trillion of SMEs’ credit requirements are unmet in East Asia a disproportionate impact on women entrepreneurs. SME social enterprises (SE) lack funding to grow and sustain their businesses, specifically the “missing middle”.

Our Our Solution

We are on a mission to democratize social impact financing using blockchain technology.

Circles of Angels, a global social SME platform for democratized cross-border social impact financing from funders directly to the SEs, with clarity of transparency of how the lives of producers are actually being impacted. This will be rolled out by phase approach
1) South-east Asia
2) Asia Pacific
3) Globally

Our team utilizes blockchain technology to match impact enterprises in Southeast Asia to funders across the world. We facilitate the investment process by utilizing smart contracts to develop impact milestones agreed upon by funders and the impact enterprises.

Changes in clearer outcomes for producers of through SE's funds to raise greater clarity and accountability to help to measure the authenticity of the impact.

Our Team

Our team consists of three entities spanning two continents. Atix Labs a blockchain development powerhouse and the team at Angels of Impact focusing onan investing in impact enterprises that invests in women-led businesses to sustainably tackle poverty eradication. Along with RSK who focuses on smart contract infrastructure.

The three companies come coming together to form the consortium under the umbrella of Circles of Angels. Each team member offers different skill sets and expertise to bring our vision to life. Our team includes people from sectors such as banking, technology, education, product design and social entrepreneurship.

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